Demolition of Site D-37 Tank Farm USTs / Associated Structures

Wallops Island Flight Facility, VA

KGS was awarded this $650K TO to demolish the D-37 Aviation Fuel Tank Farm Site at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility. The site contained three (3) 10,000 gallon USTs, one (1) 12,000 gallon Overflow Tank, one (1) 4,000 gallon Oil/Water Separator (OWS), a fueling station, and all associated structures and utilities.

  • Achieved 95% recycling/reuse of all wastes generated on project
  • KGS received a follow-on excavation, T&D project to help support a separate construction project ongoing at WFF, saving NASA additional mob costs
  • KGS received high praise for planning and implementation of our safety procedures from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Safety Office