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Mechanical and Electrical Repairs at the 96th Medical Group, Buildings 02825 and 02751

[span5]Main and Dental Clinics at Eglin AFB, Florida Contract amount: $2,924,787.88 Correct deficiencies in the Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) and to correct deficiencies in the Mechanical Infrastructure by replacing aged and failing Digital Programmable Energy Management HVAC Control System; Replacing two 350 HP boilers and replacing the Dental clinic chiller. [/span5][span2] CLIENT U.S. Air Force…
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Repair Mechanical Systems at the 23d Medical Group Clinic, Building 900

[span5]Main Clinic at Moody AFB, Georgia Contract amount: $3,899,160.60 Replace aged and failing chillers, replace vet clinic HVAC with chilled water cooled unit, replace dry transformers and repair grounding, and replace outside lighting. Provide all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to safely complete the renewal activities in accordance with the provisions of the Specifications. [/span5][span2] CLIENT…
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Emergency Boiler Replacement at the 375th Medical Group Building 1530

[span5]Scott AFB Clinic, Scott AFB, Illinois Contract amount: $2,873.286.23 Replace a failed high pressure steam boiler sized for summer clinic loads and associated accessories. Determine the temporary construction required to separate the construction zones from other surrounding clinical and administrative spaces. [/span5][span2] CLIENT U.S. Air Force / U.S. Army Huntsville Center Corps of Engineers, 4820…
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