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Provide Power Service to the Fire Department’s Big Top Parking Shed

[span5]Field Area at Fort McNair, Virginia Contract amount: $71,691.04 Provide all materials, labor, equipment, transportation, and supervision to Provide Electric Power Service to Fire Department’s Big Top Parking Shed.[/span5][span2] CLIENT Mission and Installation Contracting Command, 9410 Jackson Loop, Building 1425, Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060 CONTRACT W91QVI-15-C-0136 CONTRACT AMOUNT $71,691.04 STARTED: 11-15 COMPLETED: 02-16 CONTACTING OFFICER…
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Replace Sewer and Domestic Hot Water Systems, 92nd Medical Group, Building 9000

[span5]Medical Facilities at Fairchild AFB, Washington Contract amount:$9,949,476.56 Replace the sanitary sewer system and supporting vent stack system in its entirety and replace domestic hot water system (option 1). Determine the temporary construction required to separate the construction zones from other surrounding clinical and administrative spaces. Produce Work and MRR Action Plans. [/span5][span2] CLIENT U.S.…
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