In-Situ Steam Enhanced Alkaline Hydrolysis Pilot Test

In-Situ SteamEnhanced Alkaline Hydroloysis Pilot Test Implementation Area V Former Sioux Army Depot (SAD), Sidney, NE

This project falls under the Defense Environmental Restoration Program – Formerly Used Defense Sites (DERP-FUDS). The project was performed to provide in situ, steam-enhanced alkaline hydrolysis treatment of Munitions Constituents (MCs) in soils at Area V, Leach Bed 10-2-F within the SAD site. KGS conducted this remedial action to evaluate the effectiveness of in-situ steam enhanced alkaline hydrolysis for MCs in soils. KGS compared pre and post-treatment concentrations of MCs and Regional Screening Levels (RSLs) for residential and industrial soils as defined in the UFP-QAPP. KGS implemented remedial action based on soil sampling during an ex-situ bench-scale study as having the highest MC concentrations. Soil samples were analyzed for MCs including MNX, DNX, and TNX.