Preliminary Assessment Pueblo Army Airfield

USACE Omaha District, Preliminary Assessment (PA) Pueblo Army Airfield, Pueblo County, Colorado

The site was established as a combat training center with training for work connected with heavy bombers, navigation, bombing, gunnery, maintenance and repair, as well as tactical and administrative functions.  The site and facilities were transferred to the City of Pueblo in 1948. Most of the original buildings have been demolished and only one hangar from prior DoD activities is currently in use.

KGS was brought in to determine whether or not there was any evidence of Munitions or Explosives of Concern (MEC), including Unexploded Ordnance (UXO), Discarded Military Munitions (DMM), or Munitions Constituents (MC) from breached munitions. KGS provided a detailed PA determining the environmental impact and whether a site investigation should be performed on land that previously housed DoD buildings. Consideration for contribution by non-DoD operations was included.