Area 18E Removal Actions

USACE, Area 18E Removal Actions, Former Raritan Arsenal, Edison, NJ

KGS provided an EECA, Approval Memorandum, Remedial Action Work Plan, APP/SSHP, CQC Plan, Waste Management Plan, and SAP for this TO. The work involved the excavation, T&D of contaminated non-hazardous soils from five excavations within Area 18E. KGS  ultimately removed 1811 CY (2952 tons) of contaminated soils. KGS also performed UXO screening prior to conducting intrusive tasks.

KGS worked closely with USACE and USEPA to prepare a modification to remove contaminated soils in hotspots using an innovative vacuum excavation/hand digging in order to protect the root systems when a portion of the excavation was found to be located in an old tree line.