Groundwater Treatment Plant O&M

Borie Wellfield GWTF Air Strippers

Borie Wellfield Groundwater Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance, Laramie County WY – USACE Omaha District

KGS performs Operations and Maintenance (O&M) activities at the Borie Wellfield Groundwater Treatment Facility (GWTF) in Laramie County, Wyoming.  GWTF is located on Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities (CBOPU) property and is designed to treat trichloroethene (TCE)-impacted groundwater from four existing municipal wells in the Borie Wellfield, with additional capacity to add two additional municipal wells to the system.  The GWTF consists of four air stripper (AS) treatment units, intermediate piping, valves, and metering equipment.  The system is designed to remove TCE from up to 3,000 gallons per minute (gpm) of groundwater or 4.3 million gallons per day.  Each of the AS units is designed to treat a maximum flow of 1,000 gpm.  Only three of the units must operate at any one time to treat the maximum flow, with one of the units intended to be in a stand-by mode to ensure unimpeded operation of this potable water treatment system.  KGS’ operator maintains a goal of 99% continuous duty outside normal expected downtime for maintenance.