KGS has had zero reportable incidents since inception.
Safety & Health Program Maximizes Safe Performance

KGS developed and implemented a comprehensive Corporate Safety and Health (S&H) program that contains integrated procedures for managing safety in the workplace. Our team of safety professionals develop, administer, and continually update our program. We provide guidance and training to employees throughout all levels of the organization. Our commitment to safety and employee health is a key element of our Mission, Vision, and Values statement. We believe that all safety incidents are avoidable and we encourage all employees to identify, mitigate, and report any safety concerns in the office or the field before they become safety issues. 

Never Compromise on Safety

The emphasis of our S&H Program is continuous improvement. This, along with the implementation of innovative practices, allows us to accomplish the objective of strengthening each aspect of our S&H Program to achieve our ongoing goal of zero accidents, injuries, or illnesses. We maintain the belief and establish the culture that the safety and quality of life of our employees is our first priority and must never be compromised during the course of conducting our business. We maintain strict adherence to safety training, safety awareness, and safety protocols, including safety as one of our job performance evaluations for each employee.

Employee Engagement

Our safety culture is built on a foundation of relationship-based training, shared knowledge, and engagement at every level of our organization.  Key to our success has been our commitment to employee involvement. We provide opportunity for employees at all levels of the organization to be involved in the safety and health process, including identifying and mitigating hazards, and having input on decisions related to safety policy and procedure.  One example is our Safety Advocates Team that identifies, develops, and implements best practices for employee safety engagement. The team consists of representatives from each office and across multiple business units and reports directly to the General Manager. Example employee engagement initiatives include implementation of KOMAN Cares Moments at the beginning of group meetings, a Good Catch Program that rewards employees for identifying and correcting potential safety issues, and an incident reporting policy. Other team accomplishments include development of field safety checklists, updated office-specific emergency action plans, and field vehicle inspection checklists.

As part of our safety recognition program, we proudly present challenge coins in recognition of superior safe behavior or for sharing an innovative way of promoting a safer environment. The coins provide a tangible reminder of the power of individual engagement in our safety program.  All employees and subcontractors are eligible to participate.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“…EPA and Corps personnel (including myself) visited the facility and inspected the operation. Both agencies were very satisfied with the efficiency of the operation including the health and safety protocols…”

“I appreciate your work on this project. It was a very large and challenging assignment in buildings I consider to be dangerous to enter, and not from the standpoint of hazardous materials… I often was crossing my fingers that no one on your team would get hurt. Thanks goes to your team for being careful… Thanks for your effort on this pretty nasty assignment…”