Construction and Facility Support

KGS/Trinity specializes in construction management.

KGS/Trinity provides general contracting and construction management services to customers that need fast, efficient, and cost-effective products to meet compressed delivery timelines and/or to take advantage of fleeting funding opportunities.


KGS/Trinity has experience executing FFP and IDIQ construction projects for DoD and private industry clients. There have been zero OSHA reportable incidents since company inception. All project managers are CQC trained and certified by USACE.
KGS/Trinity has a $50M single and $200M aggregate bonding capacity.


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Facility Support
Liquid Waste Removal Services

Liquid Waste Removal Services at the Naval Submarine Base New London (NSBNL), Groton, CT – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic KGS/Trinity provides facility support services including maintenance of …

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cleaning sewer infrastructure
Facility Support
Grit Chamber Maintenance

Grit Chamber Maintenance, Naval Station Newport, RI – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic KGS/Trinity performs inspection and cleaning of various storm water and sanitary sewer infrastructure components at …

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discrete concrete sampling
Facility Support
PCB Investigation

PCB Investigation at Public Works Department Building 2721, Naval Support Activity Crane, IN – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic KGS/Trinity performed a polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) Investigation at Public …

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Bldg 20 Demo and Consolidation of Bldg 107

Building 20 Demolition and Consolidation of Building 107, Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, CT – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic KGS/Trinity renovated a major portion of Building …

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radon detection
Hazardous Substance Abatement
Radon Diagnostics

Radon Diagnostics at NUWC Newport, NS Newport, RI – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic KGS/Trinity completed a radon mitigation project pursuant to the requirements of the Navy Radon …

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Bldg 518 Cooling Tower Replacement

  Building 518 Cooling Tower Replacement, Naval Submarine Base New London, Groton, CT – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic KGS/Trinity was awarded a construction project at Naval Submarine …

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