PCB Investigation

discrete concrete sampling

PCB Investigation at Public Works Department Building 2721, Naval Support Activity Crane, IN – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic

KGS performed a polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) Investigation at Public Works Department (PWD) Crane Building 2721 located at the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Crane. A PCB-removal action of contaminated building materials was previously conducted in the early 1990s.  In 2016, sampling of building materials in a limited area of the building indicated that residual PCB contamination remained within the building.  KGS was tasked with performing a supplemental investigation which included sampling and analysis of building materials (concrete floors, mastic, and air duct insulation) throughout the remainder of the building to characterize the residual PCB contamination. 

KGS conducted concrete sampling for PCBs at PWD Crane Building 2721.  A total of 66 discrete destructive concrete samples were collected and composited into 13 samples as well as an additional 9 grab concrete samples for PCB analysis. Discrete concrete samples were collected in accordance with the May 2011 EPA’s SOP for Sampling Porous Surfaces for PCBs.  Three samples of floor mastic and one wipe sample of the interior air duct were also collected.  Following completion of the concrete sampling, post-sampling air monitoring was conducted for PCBs to assess whether any PCBs were present in indoor air following completion of sampling activities.  Six air samples were collected for PCB analysis in accordance with Compendium Method TO-10A.  No PCBs were detected in the air samples