Liquid Waste Removal Services

Liquid Waste Removal Services at the Naval Submarine Base New London (NSBNL), Groton, CT – NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic

KGS provides facility support services including maintenance of associated wastewater and sewage storage, conveyance, and treatment infrastructure at the Naval Submarine Base New London. Services include routine inspection and cleaning of various components including oil/water separators, sewage lift stations, grease traps, oily wastewater collection/treatment tanks, and removal of containerized wastewater from various operations. KGS maintains waste profiles for known waste types and performs waste characterization sampling/profiling for new waste streams. Waste is classified by type and subsequently disposed of using a variety of vendors depending on the nature of the waste. All maintenance and waste disposal tasks are scheduled and performed in close coordination with the Base.  Waste disposal records are maintained with along with monthly disposal logs and provided to the Base for their records.

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