Bulkhead Repair at Point Pleasant Canal

USACE Philadelphia,  Deep Excavation, Bulkhead Repair, Demolition, Construction Services Point Pleasant Canal, NJ

This project involved the excavation and replacement of existing riprap toe protection, demolition of approximately 60 linear feet of existing bulkhead, deep excavation of soils/debris behind the existing bulkhead wall, installation of new steel sheet piling bulkhead in front of concrete abutment and underwater steel sheet piling bulkhead, installation of a PVC pipe drainage system within the drainage stone, and installation of lightweight concrete and aggregate between within the deep excavation (between the new bulkhead, remaining portions of the existing bulkhead, and the existing shore). KGS also replaced existing site features, including new chain link fencing, asphalt pavement, and protective guiderails. The canal, approximately 150 feet wide and 1.7 miles long, was constructed in 1925, connecting the Manasquan River (approximately one mile from the ocean) on the northern end and Bay Head Harbor and the Metedeconk River on the southern end. It is widely used by USCG, pleasure boaters, and New Jersey State Police Marine Services.

KGS coordinated work with USCG and the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJ DOT) to ensure construction activities did not interfere with bridge operation, canal navigation, or boating activities. The work consisted of repairing the existing bulkhead on the Point Pleasant Canal, near Route 88 drawbridge in the town of Point Pleasant, NJ.