Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Technical Support MCSF-BI

Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Technical Support, Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island (MCSF-BI), FL – USACE Mobile

KGS provided comprehensive environmental compliance technical support for the Marine Corps Support Facility Blount Island (MCSF-BI). Support included reducing energy consumption and costs to levels compliant with federal, state, local regulations and DoD and DoN instructions, assisting with the safety and occupational health (SOH) program, providing geographic information system (GIS) support to achieve full compliance with the GEOFidelis program, managing species surveys and exotic species support, and completing the installation’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan 5-year update and annual site compliance evaluation and non-storm-water discharge assessment.

 Additional work included conducted quarterly internal audits on the MCSF-BI Environmental Management System (EMS) to document program deficiencies and support installation efforts to close audit findings. We completed a backflow prevention device (BPD) / oil water separator (OWS) inventory and assessment to confirm/identify the location, condition, capacity, adequacy, specifications, and piping configurations of all MCSF-BI BPDs and OWSs. We also managed a required update of prior installation-level National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documentation with the incorporation of new planning elements to ensure continued compliance with NEPA and its implementing regulations and guidance.

Finally, we developed a Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA) to the 2008 Master Plan Environmental Assessment (EA) and the 2013 Master Plan SEA to update existing conditions, include additional information on proposed projects with scheduled implementation within the next 5 years, and revise the impact analysis accordingly.