Fort Novosel Environmental and Natural Resource Technical Support

Environmental and Natural Resource Technical Support, Fort Novosel, AL – USACE Mobile District

Since 2014, KGS has supported Fort Novosel’s Environmental, Natural Resource, and Master Planning/Real Estate programs through USACE Mobile District. Through our full-time, on-site staff at the Installation and company reach-back support, KGS works closely with the Government staff as a technical liaison between the state and federal regulatory agencies and the Fort Novosel community. KGS support covers all environmental compliance media areas (CAA, CWA, SDWA, RCRA-C/D, OPA, etc.) to include necessary permitting, management plan updates, inspections, and reporting. In support of Fort Novosel’s Natural Resources Program, KGS assisted with invasive species management (i.e. feral hog trapping), forest management inventories, timber marking, and prescribed burns and also incorporated wildlife, flora/fauna, and aquatic species survey data into geodatabases and map overlays. Our staff assists Master Planning in meeting Army and DoD facility space utilization requirements through facility inspections and maintaining/updating the installation geospatial data inventory. We also manage the Fort Novosel website, update installation policies and work instructions as regulations evolve/change, perform internal EPAS inspections, and conduct quarterly and annual environmental training for Fort Novosel’s active duty and civilian personnel. In short, we serve as a partner to Fort Novosel DPW to advise on and assist in the implementation of, the procedures necessary to obey the law without interrupting or degrading the Fort Novosel mission or the quality of life of the workforce, students, and residents.