O&M and LTM at DFSC

NAVFAC, RAO at the Defense Fuel Supply Center (DFSC) Yorktown, Yorktown, VA

Historical losses from the storage tanks at the DFSC resulted in an estimated 3M gallons of Navy Special Fuel Oil (NSFO) being released into the subsurface over 13 acres.  The site included 77 monitoring wells, 30 temperature wells, 15 recovery wells, 28 recovery trenches, and 81 trench wells/pumps.

Due to the contract of the incumbent contractor expiring 5 days after KGS was awarded this TO, KGS was required to conduct the complete transition/startup of the project within that 5 days. KGS successfully familiarized ourselves with the site, hired five full-time O&M personnel, and commenced O&M activities within the window.

The TO included preparation of project plans, remedial system O&M, LTM, optimization, and reporting to demonstrate compliance with the Corrective Action Plan. Maintenance of monitoring wells included securing and labeling wells, repairing damaged well pads, and working with stakeholders to decommission unused wells.

Challenges included frequent blackouts. Additional pumps and generators were utilized to manually operate processes and prevent the release of untreated groundwater. When power was lost on several occasions during blizzards, the plant was operated manually in a continuous circulation mode to prevent water freezing in the aboveground pipe runs. Critical treatment system replacement components were no longer available for this aging plant. KGS operators machined and adapted replacement parts to continue operations.

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