LAARNG Environmental Compliance Technical Support

Environmental Compliance Technical Support, Louisiana Army National Guard (LAARNG), New Orleans, LA – USACE Mobile District

 KGS, under an accelerated timeline, conducted internal EPAS inspections on multiple LAARNG facilities across the state to provide guidance in preparation for their upcoming external compliance inspection assessment. The team, consisting of KGS and EAS personnel, evaluated fire impacts at Camp Beauregard and Camp Minden by establishing multiple 20-meter plots around each facility to assess the impact of restoration goals currently in place. Data on canopy, sapling, seedling, shrub, understory flora, and litter cover and the dominant species for each canopy stratum were collected as a baseline based on visual estimates within each plot.  We completed the Annual Air Emissions Reporting and Inventory Center (ERIC) Report using throughput data to identify criteria pollutants. KGS also developed a Risk Management Plan (RMP), according to Clean Air Act (CAA) regulations, for Camp Minden and Gillis Long facilities which store Chlorine gas. As part of the RMP, we conducted an offsite consequences analysis (OCA) model (worst-case and alternative release scenarios), impact area mapping, and environmental receptor analysis for each specific process that stores or utilizes chlorine for water treatment.