PFAS Mitigation and O&M

Ion exchange potable water treatment system

PFAS Mitigation and O&M of Off-Base Water Wells, Peterson AFB, CO – USACE Omaha District. 

KGS is conducting a variety of PFAS sampling and mitigation activities for drinking water sources in off-base communities adjacent to Peterson AFB, Colorado.  Assessment activities include quarterly sampling of up to 120 water wells, including residential, commercial, and municipal wells, to assess PFAS concentrations relative to USEPA Lifetime Health Advisory (HA) levels and to monitor PFAS trends and regional distribution.  Mitigation activities include: design and installation of ion exchange (IX) potable water treatment systems at mobile home parks and monthly system sampling to monitor for signs of system breakthrough; installation and semi-annual operation and maintenance (O&M) of multiple reverse osmosis under-sink treatment units to treat PFAS impacts in residential homes; delivery of bottled water to selected homes and businesses where PFAS concentrations are above the USEPA HA levels; hot-tap hook-ups of municipal water lines to provide alternative water sources to residents with PFAS-impacted water wells.