Rapid Response IRA

Rapid Response Interim Removal Action (IRA), Portland Air National Guard Base (ANGB), Portland, OR – USACE Omaha District

KGS conducted a rapid response Interim Removal Action for a fuel release at the Portland ANGB, Portland, Oregon, to remove contaminated soil and groundwater surrounding a bulk storage tank release and nearby drainage swales to reduce migration of fuel contaminants. The location of the fuel release required excavation above and surrounding existing fuel and electrical lines using air-knife and vacuum truck excavation methods.  Extensive excavation of fuel-contaminated sediments and rip-rap was also required in adjacent drainage swales, which were saturated with stormwater from more than 3-inches of rain in the days leading up to the start of field work. Other challenges included excavation through trench box shoring to maintain stability of an adjacent retaining wall in the bulk storage tank area, and dewatering/stabilization  of saturated sediments with perlite prior to loading into transport trucks for disposal.  Removal and restoration activities were conducted over a two-week period, resulting in the disposal of 450 tons of impacted soils and 20,000 gallons of free-product and contaminated groundwater.