RI for Boardman AFR

Remedial Investigation for Boardman Air Force Range (AFR), Morrow County, OR – USACE Omaha District

KGS performed a Remedial Investigation (RI) at three Munitions Response Sites (MRS) at the former Boardman Air Force Range (Boardman AFR), a formerly utilized defense site (FUDS).  The RI was performed to gather the data necessary to determine the nature and extent of munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) contamination within the three MRSs to provide the necessary information to complete the MEC Feasibility Study (FS) for each MRS. In addition, limited soil sampling was performed for explosives and metals to supplement information collected previously during the Site Inspection (SI) and to determine if chemical impacts were caused during demolition activities performed during the RI.  KGS completed over 50 miles of digital geophysical mapping (DGM) transects and selected over 12,000 anomalies to characterize the three MRS.  Several MEC items were identified (including several 20-mm HE projectiles, and partial 8-inch projectile, and multiple bomb fuzes), and disposed via demolition.